About Us

Aya Grup

Climate Technologies Inc.

We bring people and climates together.

As Aya Group, with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of air-conditioning systems, we embarked on business in 2009 to improve the climate of every point that we reach.

At this point, we add comfort and convenience to people's lives with large-scale and powerful projects not only nationwide but also in various geographies all over the world.

We are a family corporation. We really appreciate the notion of being a family under the same roof. We are proud to provide the air-conditioning services for hundreds of our individual and corporate customers with the aim of increasing the happiness and making lives more enjoyable.

In the projects that we have implemented, "energy efficiency" and "fuel economy" are also among our priorities as well as "adding comfort to human life". We aim to be among the leading companies in the industry in the future by prioritizing efficiency and maximum energy saving.

We know that our responsibility is to create liveable places for people beyond the air conditioning operations we carry out. For this purpose, we have our sights trained on high quality services, and we employ a staff of highly specialised engineers and technicians for each project we put our "Aya" signature to. All you need to do is to introduce your living space to us in order to feel the change. It is our responsibility to transform it to a comfortable place with the desired climate, starting from discovery phase.

With every passing year, we desire to increase the number of people who are satisfied with our air-conditioning projects. More clearly, it is our duty to be more successful, more experienced and more acknowledged in the air-conditioning industry every passing year. We have the understanding that we can add value to your living space, your business and even your viewpoint if we change your climate. You never know where you can encounter the breeze that will change your life. It will be our greatest source of happiness to have our signature to this breeze.

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